All the major security events of 2018 at a glance

Month Date Event Length Location Website
February 20 (Tue) (ISC)² NL Chapter: IoT: spullen en spelregels 1 evening Geldermalsen (NL) Link
27 (Tue) SANS CyberThreat 2018 2 days London (UK) Link
March 1 (Thu) ISACA BE: IT Attestation on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy 1 evening Diegem (BE) Link
5 (Mon) SANS London 6 days London (UK) Link
12 (Mon) Troopers 5 days Heidelberg (DE) Link
12 (Mon) SANS Paris 6 days Paris (FR) Link
14 (Wed) Infosecurity 2 days Brussels (BE) Link
22 (Thu) 21st Cyber Security Breakfast: Education, new training methods in cyber security 1 morning Luxembourg (LU) Link
23 (Fri) CyberSecurityChallenge (Finals) 1 days Brussels (BE) Link
29 (Thu) (ISC)² Belux Chapter Event: Data Analytics & Security 1 evening Brussels (BE) Link
April 09 (Mon) Hack in the Box Amsterdam 5 days Amsterdam (NL) Link
16 (Mon) RSA Conference USA 5 days San Francisco (USA) Link
18 (Wed) Brucon Spring Trainings 3 days Gent (BE) Link
18 (Wed) ASIS Europe 3 days Rotterdam (NL) Link
26 (Thu) (ISC)² Belux Chapter event: Incident detection & response 1 evening Luxembourg (LU) Link
May 8 (Tue) SGG Global Hosts Cyber2018 1 days London (UK) Link
28 (Mon) ISACA’s EuroCaCs Europe 3 days Edinburgh (UK) Link
June 04 (Mon) OpenSec Summit 5 days Bedfordshire (UK) Link
07 (Thu) (ISC)² Belux Chapter Event: Incident detection & response 1 evening Brussels (BE) Registration
13 (Wed) SSTIC 4 days Rennes (FR) Link
August 04 (Sat) BlackHat USA 6 days Las Vegas (USA) Link
09 (Thu) Defcon 26 (USA) 4 days Las Vegas (USA) Link
September 23 (Thu) ASIS Global Security Exchange 5 days Las Vegas (USA) Link
27 (Thu) (ISC)² Belux chapter General Assembly
+ Elections + Roundtable on Security & the law
1 evening Brussels (BE) Link
October 01 (Mon) Brucon regular training 3 days Gent (BE) Link
03 (Wed) Brucon conference 3 days Gent (BE) Link
10 (Wed) Les assises de la sécurité… 4 days Monaco (MC) Link
16 (Tue) 3 days Luxembourg (LU) Link
November 16 (Fri) GreHack 1 day Grenoble (FR) Link
December 03 (Mon) Blackhat Europe’s training 2 days London (UK) Link
03 (Mon) BlackHat Europe Conference 3 days London (UK) Link
13 (Thu) (ISC)² Belux Chapter event: Network zoning & Cybersecurity insurance 1 evening Brussels (BE) Link
TBA TBA Botconf 3 days Montpelier (FR) Link
TBA (ISC)² Secure Summit Amsterdam 2 days? Amsterdam (NL)
TBA (ISC)² Secure Summit London 2 days London (UK)
TBA Cahos Communication Congress 3 days Germany

in 2017:

Second Event: Security Awareness Behaviour & Culture
Euroclear sa | Boulevard Albert II, 1 | 1210 Saint-Josse | Belgique
Thursday 26th of October 2017 from 19:00 to 22:00

Second board meeting on June 8th at 6.30PM at the BRYC

May 11th, 2017 at 18.45: First event (Theme: Threat & Vulnerability Management, Location: Euroclear SA, 1 Bld du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels)

April 13th, 2017: First (ISC)² Belux chapter at the BRYC (see the blog post for more details)

April 5 & 6th, 2017: (ISC)² Secure Summit, Amsterdam.
Our president and our secretary were present at the BENELUX secure summit to briefly introduce the new chapter and to meet a lot of outstanding security professionals.