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Book your seat at the next (ISC)² Belux Chapter event: TLS Key Recovery (2021-05-27 – 19h00)

Overview on how the RSA algorithm works Overview of the RSA attack used in this demo How to recover a private key of a TLS v1.2 session

About this Event

RSA is one of the most commonly used algorithm for providing confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of digital information. RSA is used to secure web traffic up to TLS 1.2. Today, web servers have a certificate which protects the traffic between a web server and a client browser. This certificate contains a public key of 1024 or 2048-bits. But what will happen when the key material of the certificate is not correctly generated? Are you still sure that traffic is protected and cannot be compromised?

Johan Loos will show you two different ways on how a RSA private key of a certificate can be ‘recovered’ when you only have access to the public key.

This session is based on Johan’s own research on RSA and focus on different types of RSA attacks. These attacks are demonstrated live using virtual machines. Johan wrote his own script in Python for the recovery of the cryptographic key material. This session is for people who wants to know more about RSA attacks, and how they can improve security.

About the speaker:

Johan is a freelance security researcher, security specialist, privacy and healthcare professional with interest in the area of IT security, information security, privacy, medical devices and cryptography. Johan is passionate about technology and evangelises security to organisations to take security seriously by implementing security and privacy by design principles.

Find Johan Loos on LinkedIn.

Overview of the session

  • Overview on how the RSA algorithm works
  • Overview of the RSA attack used in this demo
  • How to recover a private key of a TLS v1.2 session and decrypt TLS v1.2 traffic

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Don’t miss this new online event by #isc2 Belux Chapter on 25 Mar!

Putting Enterprise Architecture to work to transform cybersecurity into a Business Executive’s opportunity

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About this Event

Making business execs aware of and ultimately responsible for the cybersecurity agenda is not an easy endeavour. Connecting the strategic business realm with the hard-core reality of cybersecurity is a daunting task for security leaders, and needs to be addressed carefully–as cybersecurity is a business responsibility, not merely an information technology task. Enterprise architecture offers the tools and methods to connect these conflicting realities, to close the gap between opportunities and liabilities and to provide a platform for meaningful insights and alignment. In this talk we go into how to use enterprise architecture methods to transform liabilities into opportunities, and get business executives excited about cybersecurity.

Speaker: Niek de Visscher

Having a background with KPMG as management consultant, Niek is leading Digital Innovation Benelux, a strategic, human-oriented digital consulting firm. He’s also DI’s Group CTO. Niek is a business technology professional with a 22-year track record of managing successful business technology & IT enabled business transformation projects, working for large global brands such as adidas, Shell, and Philips in several architecture and tech-leadership roles.

Webinar link will be shared with participants a few days in advance.

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